Ignitio Metrics Cloud makes it easy to see all the metrics you care about in one place and use them to make faster, better-informed business decisions.

Ignitio Metrics Cloud: Your System of Record

One infallible source for all your metrics.

Easily consolidate your organization’s system of record by collecting all your important metrics in one reliable and instantly informative view. Ignitio’s leading-edge data engineering ensures you’ll see the most accurate information possible, regardless of source.

Universal Access

Real-time metrics on any device.

Globally available on any device, Ignitio provides an empowering mobile-first design so you can proactively manage your business whenever, wherever, however you choose.

Modern Data Interface

See your metrics, your way.

Dashboards, multidimensional graphs, and other modern data visualizations are revelatory in ways that rows and columns of data just aren’t. Ignitio gives you the power to see data from myriad sources in intuitive ways, so you can make the decisions that will move your business forward.

Ignitio Metrics Library

Access a vast datascape of metrics.

Preconfigured metrics collectors make for simple self-service deployment, rapid business insight, and ongoing decision support. Ignitio’s Metrics Library lets you browse and select from hundreds of source systems and their associated metrics for easy addition to your Metrics Cloud.

Goal-Oriented Metrics

Drive performance.

Effective management is about setting appropriate goals, tracking to them, and meeting them. Ignitio lets you organize metrics into programs, add team members, assign goals, and track their progress in real-time.

Socialized Metrics

Collaborate across all your data.

Supporting organizational analysis and commentary around your metrics is critical to achieving performance objectives and capturing the story of success or failure. Ignitio enables this in a way that’s both natural and totally unprecedented.

Metrics API

Put your metrics to work in real-time.

As your metrics system of record, Ignitio makes multisource metrics data available for use by external systems and services. Our API and helpful templates make it easy to do everything from supporting data-driven marketing to updating financial models with current operations data.

Metrics Integrations

Connect it.

When you open your platform to contributions from anyone, everyone wins! Our growing community is constantly adding unique metrics to the Ignitio Metrics Cloud – for data coming from most service provider APIs, just use the Metric Configurator.

Enterprise-Grade Controls

The power to scale.

When everyone in an organization has the power to ask and answer their own business questions, incredible things happen. That’s why Ignitio is built to operate at scale – complete with enterprise-grade data and security controls.