Ignitio makes it easy to see all the metrics you care about in one place and use them to make faster, better-informed business decisions.

Ignitio Metrics Cloud: Your System of Record

One infallible source for all your metrics.

Easily consolidate your organization’s system of record by collecting your key metrics in one reliable & instantly-informative view. Leading-edge data engineering ensures you see the most accurate information possible, regardless of source.

Metrics Library

Leverage your vast datascape.

Metrics Library lets you browse & add metrics from hundreds of source systems to your Ignitio Metrics Cloud. Pre-configured data collectors make for simple self-service setup, rapid insight, and comprehensive decision support.

Advanced Data Interface

Understand your performance, your way.

Dashboards, multidimensional graphs, and other modern data visualizations are revelatory in ways that rows & columns of data just aren’t. Ignitio gives you the power to see information in intuitive ways that lead to faster understanding and more confident decisions.

Metrics-Focused Collaboration

Fuel your teams with data.

Supporting organizational analysis & discussion of performance is critical to achieving your business objectives and growing from each success or failure. Ignitio enables this in a way that’s both natural and totally unprecedented.

Metrics-Powered Goals

Drive performance.

Effective management is about smart goals, continuous measurement, active collaboration, and transparent results. Ignitio lets you organize performance programs, add team members, assign metric-based goals, and assess & communicate your progress live.

Ignitio API and Actioning Templates

Put your metrics to work...everywhere.

Ignitio can make other systems & services smarter. Use our API and process automation templates to enable cases from data-driven marketing to financial performance analysis.

Metrics Cloud Community

Connect up.

When your platform is open to contributions from all, everyone wins. Our growing community is always adding useful metrics to the Ignitio Metrics Cloud – for data from most SaaS solutions, just use the Metric Configurator.

Performance-Focused Decisions

Real-time insight + the ability to act.

Globally available, Ignitio is an empowering mobile-first experience in proactively managing your business whenever, wherever, however you choose.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Scale up safely.

When everyone in an organization has the power to ask and answer their own business questions, incredible things can happen. That’s why Ignitio is built to operate at scale – complete with enterprise-grade data controls.