Selected Subscribers

Media Company

The game of golf’s most iconic brand uses Ignitio at the core of its enterprise data strategy to improve audience, content, and product performance. Editorial, Ad Ops, and Commerce teams use hundreds of native and platform-calculated metrics for daily audience analytics and decision support, including pursuit of LOB revenue targets.

Media Technology Company

A leading-edge digital content and media player provider is partnering with Ignitio to offer users the best playback experience and most accurate viewership metrics in the market. Early-adopter sports media customers are benefitting from next-level marketing and advertising capabilities including content-driven commerce and metrics syndication.

Global Asset Manager

A top global asset manager uses Ignitio for performance analysis in its Personal Investor and Retirement Planning lines. Plan Managers and Account Managers use advanced data filtering to create on-the-fly, customer-specific clouds with 200+ metrics sourced daily from data warehouses, BI tools, call centers, and financial models.

Fortune 500 Insurer

One Fortune 500 insurer replaced half a dozen other solutions with Ignitio for enterprise data analytics and consumer LOB performance management. With 300+ metrics from more than a dozen sources updated daily, leadership now works from a single view of activity spanning channel behavior, call center ops, product purchasing, and customer self-service.

Digital Agency

One of the world’s premiere digital marketing agencies is partnering with Ignitio to provide enterprise clients with leading-edge, self-service marketing optimization and decision support capabilities on the Ignitio Performance Cloud platform.

Online Fashion Retailer

An up-and-coming fashion eyewear retailer uses Ignitio to guide its social media marketing spend, leveraging more than 50 daily metrics in a unique Influencer Performance Cloud. Now working 100% remotely, the team coordinates daily activity from a single real-time view of influencer value across media platforms, consumer channels, and customer segments.

B2B & DTC Seafood Supplier

NYC’s premier seafood wholesaler uses Ignitio to manage its exploding direct-to-consumer business. Internally-configured performance optimization clouds featuring critical daily metrics enable leadership to coordinate marketing strategy and investment with eCommerce development, consumer taste trends, and inventory, to thrill new customers and deliver sustained revenue growth.

Healthcare Provider

A premier European healthcare provider uses Ignitio to help optimize patient outcomes and build telemedicine platform engagement. Medical professionals, data analysts, and business teams rely on purpose-built metrics clouds to understand and act on more than 100 KPMs calculated from a dozen internal and external data sources.

Industrial Manufacturer

A leading industrial manufacturer uses Ignitio as its collaborative production planning and decision support platform. Consolidating thousands of real-time measurements streaming from production systems, manufacturing robots, environmental devices, and smart energy monitors, Ignitio enables leadership to balance production goals with “green” objectives and workplace safety requirements.

Industries We Serve

Ignitio serves performance-minded enterprises and market leaders in a growing number of competitive industries — proof of our platform’s broad usability and powerful support for better decision-making across business models, teams, and roles.

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