Ignitio for Commerce

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An Ignitio Performance Cloud™ Solution

Digital commerce metrics & powerful decision support for the teams who market, sell, and service your products

Consolidate your eCommerce platform data with Search, Social, & Ad metrics for the real-time insight you need to outperform.

Customer Lifetime Value
Product Performance
Return on Ad Spend
Returns Analysis
Campaign Performance
Brand Value & Trends

Commerce Performance Management

Ignitio empowers business users to make faster, more competitive decisions informed by a unique live picture of performance drawn from key systems and services.

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Globally available and secure, Ignitio aligns your people around the information they need to make better decisions that drive intended results. Built for commerce leaders to run the business at speed, Ignitio empowers teams to work smarter, freed from IT or Analytics reporting dependencies and delays.


Easily collect and curate metrics from your key commerce systems & services in a single reliable system of record. Keep all your data, forever. Pre-built metric collectors and our self-serve Metrics Library make setup fast and simple.


Get a real-time picture of business performance drawn from your most important systems. Instantly-informative interactive graphs & charts reveal insights spreadsheets just can’t, for deeper understanding and more usable information.


When everyone has the power to ask and answer their own questions, amazing things can happen. Ignitio empowers business teams, helping you easily create new metrics, custom analysis screens, automated reporting, even smart alerts & process triggers.


Ignitio helps you build an effective, results-focused culture no matter where your people are working. Set KPI-based goals, assign teams, work collaboratively, and socialize progress to continually renew your business improvement cycle.

Subscription Includes:
  • 50+ Commerce KPIs delivered daily
  • Unlimited User-Defined Calculated Metrics
  • Unlimited Teams, Users, & Data
  • Free Self-Serve or Ignitio Metric Activation
Ignitio for Commerce™ Details:

Commerce Metrics

Get the numbers you need to guide marketing, sales, and customer service efforts and continuously drive performance. All in one system of record everyone can trust.

  • Revenue & Margin
  • Customer Analytics
  • Channel Activity
  • Conversion & Campaign
  • Inventory & Cost
  • Loyalty & Retention
  • Product & Merchandising
  • App & Service Usage
  • Multisystem Calculated Metrics

Selected Customers & Use Cases

Ignitio proudly serves the digital commerce needs of market leaders in Retail, Finance, Media, Healthcare, & other sectors, demonstrating broad usability and flexible support for more competitive decision-making across industries, teams, and roles.

Influencer-driven DTC retail management

Content-driven commerce & advertising operations management

MRM // McCann

Digital marketing analytics & optimization

The smartest metrics you’ve never seen.

When it comes to real innovation, seeing is believing. Let us show you how Ignitio for Commerce can provide the performance insight you deserve, plus the ability to drive better outcomes.